I’m Martin Wintz. I'm a software engineer with over 5 years experience building products as an individual contributor, architect, mentor, and team lead. I’m currently looking for opportunities and connections in the Seattle area.

I am an expert in Javascript, NodeJS, Angular, and MongoDB, although I'm very adaptable and always learning to use new tools. I'm also fluent in Python, SQL, Ansible, Java, AWS, and more. I'm passionate and critical about software engineering and have experience building products from scratch, software architecture, agile methodology, and customer-centric development.

For more information, please take a look at my resume. If you want to get in touch, send me an email at martin.wintz@gmail.com.

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Although coding is my vocation, I have many other interests. I'm an artist, mainly drawing and painting the figure. I'm a huge foodie and love cooking and eating foods from around the world. I'm a long distance trail-runner, and used to be a competitive olympic-style weightlifter. I play the piano and enjoy writing/making music. I'm a big fan of independent radio and podcasts, graphic novels, and PC games (especially the new wave of room-scale VR games).


I think a lot about building software and write in order to share some of my thoughts with others. I hope you can find something useful in these pieces.